ANN: Innobedded Rich Media Extensions Website and Beta Evaluation Trial Version now online

The website and beta evaluation trial version for the Rich Media Extensions library is now online at
Programming embedded user interfaces on micro controllers using WPF
The Rich Media Extensions are a innovative component suite that allows software developers to create graphically compelling and highly intuitive user interfaces for embedded applications that are based on the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework.
The library includes a set of complete Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) elements and controls that are based on the existing UIElement class of the .NET Micro Framework.
But our WPF controls are:
•more complete than existing builtin WPF controls
•aligned with Desktop WPF
•usable with buttons and/or finger friendly touchable
•standard controls and new ones
•fully themeable

Second edition of my book "Expert .NET Micro Framework" is done!

The second edition of my book is now officially done and has been shipped off to the printer.
Please find more information on the official book page from Apress and on the Amazon page.


Book Description:

The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework is a small and efficient .NET runtime environment used to run managed code on embedded devices that are too small and resource constrained to run Windows CE and the .NET Compact Framework.
As a .NET programmer of desktop and smart device applications, I have been enthusiastic for some time about programming embedded microcontrollers with everyday development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and C#. I have been an active beta tester and a regular contributor to the .NET Micro Framework’s forums since I saw it previewed at MEDC in 2006. My passion for this technology has motivated me to write this book for you, in which I provide all the resources you will need to program the .NET Micro Framework. Version 3 introduced a lot of significant changes, including many new features and devices, that motivated me to update this book with a second edition.
I start by introducing you to the .NET Micro Framework and tools, presenting the available devices and touring the whole base class library. After that, I teach you how to use and write managed drivers to access the hardware components, how to use secure sockets, how to use and provide web services on devices with the new Device Profile for Web Services (DPWS), and how to write applications with rich GUIs that support button, touch, and gesture input. We also explore the extensible emulator and emulator components. You will find many practical and reusable samples and tips throughout this book that you can build on to create your own projects.
Whether you are a .NET developer or an embedded developer with a background in assembler, C, or C++, I am confident that you will be impressed by the benefits that managed code and the .NET Micro Framework bring to embedded development. This book enables you to get everything you possibly can from the .NET Micro Framework, so you can write your own powerful, effective, embedded applications.

ANN: Rich Media Extensions for the .NET Micro Framework

Ever dreamt of programming embedded WPF applications on micro processors?
I have created a Rich Media Extension library with my own set of complete WPF elements and controls for the .NET Micro Framework. All elements are based on the existing UIElement class.

But my WPF controls are:
-more complete than existing WPF controls
-more aligned with Desktop WPF
-usable with buttons and/or finger friendly touchable
-many standard controls and new ones
-and fully theme-able

What are the Benefits for the developer?
-By providing cool and modern themes out-of-the-box, an embedded developer needs not to care about art design and skinning. Custom themes for corporate branding are also possible.
-The controls are usable via buttons and/or a touch-display. When using a touch display, controls are usable without the need of a Stylus, but with your fingers.
-Faster time to market and reduced development costs because of a complete set of ready-to-use elements.
-Transfer your existing WPF knowledge from the PC and Web to small embedded devices.
-A further benefit is the underlying .NET Micro Framework with all its advantages.

In short: This library will significantly reduce your development effort for your user interface. Further it provides a modern and powerful UI for your devices that will increase acceptance of your device compared to competing ones.

Please find my Round 2 video entry for the Microsoft Dare To Dream Different Contest here. The library will be commercially available soon. Stay tuned on this blog.

.NET Micro Framework community at Embedded World 2009

On the Embedded World 2009 in Nuremberg/Germany I had the chance to meet other .NET Micro Framework enthusiasts (developers, community contributors and people from AUG Electronics and even Device Solutions from New Zealand).
Frank Prengl, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft took a nice photo and can find more info and pictures about the party at Michael’s, Pavel’s, and Frank`s sites. Looking forward to seeing you next year again.